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LG N2A2 (Firmware and UI)

Updating the User interface of the LG N2A2 NAS

I experienced problemms updating the user interface of an LG NAS N2A2. All seems to go just fine, but the update kept hanging on "transfering firware-files" (Overzetten van firmware-files)
Transfering these files should take no longer than a minute or two if no progress is seen, try the steps below. They might be of use for you too.

Here's what i did to overcome these problemms (in windows 7):

- Download the Firmware and UI update package
- Unzip it to a place where you can find it
- Connect the LG NAS directly to your ethernet-port of your PC
- A LAN network connection should be visible in the Network center
- Alter the configuration of this network by clicking on it and going to properties
- On the first tab a list is shown highligt Internet Protocol v4 and click properties
- Enable "Use the following ip address" or something called like that (my system is not in English)
- Remember the setting that is now active
- enter the IP
- Turn on the LG N2A2 nas by holding the "backup" button and the pressing the power button. Don't let go of the backup button untill the led beneath the power led is blinking
- Startup the LG network detector found in the folder you unzipped with administrator rights (right click and choose "run as administrator")
- When all is ok it will find your NAS  ( + LG-NAS-Enclosure)
- highlight the NAS and click "Install NAS system" (No need to change any settings)
- Answer all the questions like in the manual of LG
- The update should now proceed and not hang during "transfering firmware-files" (Overbrengen firware-bestanden in Dutch)

Don't forget to change the setting back the settings of your local network to the settings you remembered