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Mount LG NAS N2A2 DD2 in Linux

I recently bought a LG N2A2 NAS and wanted to use it to rsync files from a Ubuntu server to it for backup. I ran into some problems while trying to achieve this. I hope some of the information provided below may help others to overcome these problems.

1. Could not mount to the LG NAS using nautilus or Windows

The ip address used by the NAS (something like was not in the range of my wireless router. ( Notice the 1 instead of the 0. I first installed the programms on the accompanying cd in windows and then i let my LG Nas search for a new ip with my router. After this i could access the web admin in both windows and linux.

2. Did not know how to mount the NAS to /media/name_of_nas

This can be done by putting an entry in /etc/fstab

// /media/EGNAS/ cifs \
utf8,username=the_username,mapchars,password=the_password,rw,noperm, \
iocharset=utf8,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0777 0 0

The backslash is used to indicate newlines don't use them in your fstab entry.

First is the ip address of your NAS, after the slash the name of the volume to open.

Then follows the path where you want to mount, then the mount type (cifs).

Then you can provide alot of options. I don't know if all options are really needed,

but the one that was important for me was "mapchars". See below. For a good introduction

to mount see man mount in your terminal.

After you made changes to your fstab file use: sudo mount -a

3. Could not transfer files with special characters using rsync

The sollution was: adding the option "mapchars"  to the entry in /etc/fstab

After this setting i was able to rsync my dovecot maildirs and all other filenames containing any of the following chars: : * | ? < >

The error i got whithout this options was mkstemp .......... Not a directory (20)

See man mount.cifs for all the options

I would really like to see ssh access to the LG N2A2, but until then rsync via a samba

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